The Power of a Tribe

FamBundance Philly – June 2018

Just over four years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life. I decided to attend a men’s mastermind conference in January of 2015 held in Tahoe, NV. This was way out of my comfort zone, as I do not like going to events where I don’t know people. As a general rule, I feel as if I have plenty of friends and am not seeking to make new ones.

I went to the conference because of the stated values of this group. What they stood for resonated with what I wanted more of in my own life. The conference was hosted by a group called GoBundance and their values are stated as their six “pillars” for their members to live by.

The Six Pillars

  • Age Defying Health
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Bucket List Adventures
  • Extreme Accountability
  • Horizontal Income
  • Genuine Contribution

The Tahoe conference was amazing. It was high energy and filled with music, video, amazing speakers, and outdoor adventure. Our mornings and early afternoons were spent with adventure (skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, riding snow mobiles, etc.). Then the evenings were spent learning, sharing, and growing. The environment was something different than I had ever experienced. It was a very transparent and authentic setting. Men were sharing granular details of their personal financial statements. They were also sharing details of where they were struggling in their lives (health, marriage, children, etc.). The level of authenticity made it an environment of trust where all could share the intimate details of successes and struggles in their lives.

Immediately after the conference I joined the GoBundance tribe and dove in head first. My wife could tell the immediate change in my energy, excitement, and outlook. So much so that she encouraged me to attend the GoBundance international trip scheduled for October 2015 to Vietnam. What makes this especially important is that she was encouraging me to take the trip even though we had just found out that she was pregnant and due in December 2015 (yes, she is amazing). I went on the trip and it was absolutely epic! The bonds I made with the men on that trip have rippled through my life. Many of those folks are now some of my closest friends. Further, it was on that trip that a fire was lit inside of me to follow a passion project and bring it to life and share with the world (thank you Daniel Ramsey). From those conversations, Legacy of Love has now been created and has the ability to impact millions of parents and families.

Over the years the tribe has continued to evolve and keeps getting better. We now have a family division, FamBundance, to bring us closer as families, helping our children and wives to experience the same level of growth as the men are receiving. FamBundance has been an incredible resource in helping to elevate the consciousness of my children. It has also brought programming that has helped Amber and I to get even closer as husband and wife. The wives of many of the GoBundance men have started regular gatherings that has resulted in some amazing friendships. They are able to bond together and help each other through the challenges that sometimes come from living in the fast paced world of entrepreneurial families.

Membership in GoBundance is reserved for those who have a $1M or more net worth. However, for those who are on their financial journey and have not yet reached that level, the M1 program is the perfect introductory program.

And now, for those entrepreneurial women who want their own tribe, GoBundance for Women has been recently formed. With this new division we now have very robust and well-rounded programming for the future……men, women, families, and those just starting on their financial journey.

There is amazing power when you bring together multiple minds in an open, transparent, and sharing environment. Surrounding yourself with growth-minded and learning based people can elevate your life to a place beyond your wildest dreams.

Below is a partial list of how my life has been elevated since joining this kind of tribe………

  • My net worth has more than doubled
  • I have launched two new business ventures
  • I have increased by “streams of income” from 6 streams to 19 streams
  • My children have learned to set annual goals and have put accountability in place to help them achieve those goals
  • My wife has developed some of the closest friendships of her life
  • I have taken my family on four different epic family vacations
  • My fitness has risen to a new level…..and I completed a push-up challenge by doing 1,000 push-ups in a single day
  • Find your tribe and begin your adventure today!
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