Bourbon Real Talk with Host Randy Sullivan

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Randy Sullivan is a man who wears many hats. He has built a successful real estate business. He helps other agents to get their clients’ homes sold via a unique value proposition (check out for details). He works out like a beast. He is a loving husband. And he is a wonderful father. He also loves to learn about others and dig deep into what makes them tick. He has a relatively new and growing podcast called Bourbon Real Talk.  The basic show format is to sit down over a glass of whiskey and interview people to tell their story.  The purpose is to use whiskey’s connective ability to bring people together and help foster social connections.

I had the honor of being Randy’s guest on Episode 17 of Bourbon Real Talk. We went deep into a variety of subjects and talked at length about the failures we experience in life. Those failures can devastate us, or they can propel us to greater things. The choice is up to us. Check out the episode and be sure to subscribe to Bourbon Real Talk.

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