Tech Tools for Commercial Real Estate

Wow!  Today I sat through a seven hour course, High-Tech Marketing for Real Estate, learning about the myriad tools available to commercial real estate professionals. And even though we at KW Net Lease Advisors are way ahead of many in the commercial real estate world, there is so much more that we could be taking advantage of to grow our business and our online presence!

A few things we need to do includes writing press releases for all of our closings adding them to our blog and hitting all the major media outlets, using video on our website, utilizing RSS feeds, creating a customized daily or weekly newspaper that can be for personal use or sent to clients/subscribers, and becoming a true pro-user of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  It can start to seem a bit overwhelming sometimes……so I have to slow down and remember how to eat an elephant…..ONE BITE AT A TIME!

Thanks to Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM of CRE Training for his knowledge and willingness to teach those of us in the commercial real estate business that sometimes need a little “hand holding.”  If you would like to expand your mind to the tech possibilities contact CRE Training and sign up for one of their upcoming courses.


KW Net Lease Advisors