Top 10 Sales Techniques I Learned from a Girl Scout!

  1. Ask for the Sale – it’s one thing to take time to visit about your product or services, but at the end of the day you must go for the close and ASK FOR THE SALE!
  2. Make it a WIN for the Client – make sure you highlight how your product or services will make the client’s life better/easier/more profitable.
  3. Highlight Scarcity of Product – we all want things that are in very limited supply. Create a sense of urgency with your customer by highlighting the scarcity of your product (limited supply) or services (limited/select client base).
  4. Follow Up (and ask for the close again) – don’t forget to follow up with your prospects. There is nothing worse than taking the time to build rapport with someone only to forget to follow up with them. Don’t waste your time like this…..follow up when you say you will….and ASK FOR THE SALE.
  5. Presumptive Close – create a win-win partnership in the mind of your customer and use language to pull your prospect into your Client Base. You can also use language to upsell on additional products, quantities, services, etc! Subtle humor often helps!
  6. Highlight a Charitable Opportunity – always point out to your prospects if there is anything about your products/services/time that will help a charitable organization. Most people are good at heart and will appreciate the charitable efforts.
  7. Dial for Dollars – get on the phone and CALL for business. Use a script, stay on the message, tell the prospect why you are calling, and ASK FOR THE BUSINESS!
  8. Involve Your Team – no one succeeds alone! Involve those on your team to help you…..there is strength in numbers!
  9. Work Your Sphere – cold calling works…..but warm calling works better! Call on those who already know you. Remind them what you do for business. Ask them how YOU can help THEM……and ask them for their business and/or for referrals to those you might be able to help. Most people want to help others…..just ASK!
  10. Always Say “Thank You” and BE NICE – the little things go a LONG way……a small smile, kind gesture, or thoughtful words can be the difference between you and the competition. Even if you don’t win the business, being thoughtful and kind will make you and the world a better place!



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