Major STNL Retailers Store Expansion Watch

KW Net Lease Advisors closely monitors major single tenant net lease retailers’ footprint in the marketplace. See below for year-over-year new store development and progress made through Q1 of 2017


Chart 1: New Store Development Plan 2016-2017 YOY Comparison

New Store Development Plan

Chart 2: Store Expansion Progress by 2017 Q1

Store Expansion Progress*322 store locations just acquired will be convert to DG by Oct 2017

*estimated number based on average converted stores in past 3 years


Behind the Numbers:

  • Major dollar stores have been carrying out aggressive expansion plans for 2017.
  • Major auto parts stores have different strategies for greater penetration in existing markets and expansion to new markets.
  • AAP plans to add 25% more new stores this year compared to 2016. O’Reilly anticipates fewer new stores opening than 2016, as they are allocating resources to convert previously acquired stores.
  • As of Q1 2017, most retailers on our watch list are effectively executing their expansion plans.
  • In addition to constructing new stores and renovating current stores, Dollar General is also actively acquiring existing store locations from other retailers.
  • CVS is not focusing on store expansion in 2017. They are rolling out a new store design, more heath/beauty products and other customer focused changes to identify new growth points and drive traffic to existing locations.

Resources: KWNLA Research; Company’s SEC filings

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