KW Commercial Established As Leading Brokerage

Successful business relationships are based on trust and credibility. Brokerages are like banners for commercial real estate agents. You are the company you keep and, in the case of your professional life, the company you work for. A successful commercial real estate brokerage does not just attract the right clients. It attracts the right agents.

KW Commercial was launched in 2008. Since then, led by Buddy Norman, this innovative institution has risen to the top by accessing its established nation-wide network with an agent-centric approach. Since then, the growth occurring in KW Commercial has positioned us as “the fastest growing commercial division in North America.” As of this month, “the brokerage has quickly grown to 1150 associates in North America in just over four years and covers all of the top 50 Metropolitan Markets (MSAs).”

KW Commercial operates by a business model that differentiates itself by offering commission splits in the agents’ favor, which includes “allowing them to retain at least 60 percent more of their commissions based on $300,000 gross income, as well as profit-sharing and retirement programs.”

By fostering this environment for success, KW Commercial positions itself as an organization that attracts top brokers from all over the world. This is evident in the sheer number of CCIM certified agents that work for KW Commercial. This designation holds the credibility of a Ph.D. in the real estate world and KW Commercial employs more CCIM agents than any other commercial brokerage.  In fact, KW Commercial is facilitating specialized training and consulting “through a partnership and alignment with CCIM International. KW Commercial will host a series of local training classes enabling Commercial Certification.”

Our Managing Director, Ken Wimberly, likes to say that “The minute you put a cap on talent, you lose it.” This mantra captures the credibility of KW Commercial by highlighting the importance this brokerage places on growth, knowledge, and progress. This credibility is exemplified by KW’s emphasis on technology, training, and building a national—and now international—platform.

By the end of this year, KWNLA (KW Net Lease Advisors) will have closed over 24 million dollars—a result of that growth, knowledge, and progress.This success includes diverse properties, ranging from apartment complexes to single tenant net leased assets. Credibility is based on a positive history, trustworthy testimonials, and integrity, but it is also based on significant closings. KW Commercial offers all of these and more.

Having such established credibility in the region, KW Net Lease Advisors has prioritized unique ways of contributing to the community in a way that is especially meaningful during this holiday season. If a client is not satisfied with the brokerage services at the time of closing, 100% of the agent’s net profits will go to a charity of the client’s choice.

Connecting the client with the agent with the resources in the community, then giving back to that community, is a powerful testament to the work that KW Commercial does.

Charity, it seems, can be a very powerful incentive.

And when it comes down to it, the person with the most connections has the most credibility. From the individual, to the corporate, to the community, KW Net Lease Advisors is excited to continue connecting with you.

KW Net Lease Advisors