5 Need-to-Know Facts for Buying Dallas Commercial Property

When eyeing a new piece of commercial real estate, it’s important to know and understand the local market. What’s more, it’s important to know if the area on which the commercial real estate rests will be around for the next 10 to 20 years. The Dallas/Fort Worth-based professionals at KW Net Lease Advisors don’t simply understand the Dallas commercial real estate market, they live here, know the trends, and know which direction the area is growing.

Are you thinking about buying a piece of commercial real estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex? Consider the following five facts about Dallas, Texas, and when you’re ready, give KW Net Lease Advisors a call. They’ll direct you towards the best opportunities in NNN assets in the area.

1. Dallas is booming.

Major corporations are looking to Dallas for their expansion plans. More people in the area means a greater need for retail and residential space. While it’s always best to be patient when it comes to any large investment, now is the best time to buy up commercial real estate in North Texas.

2. Dallas is huge.
True to the Texas mentality, Dallas is larger than life. Over 1.2 million people call Dallas home, but that’s only a fraction of the population of the surrounding Metroplex. Dallas and its surrounding areas cover over 9,000 square miles and house over 6.5 million Texans. Long story short; there’s plenty of room for commercial real estate to thrive.

3. Dallas is hot.
This is a commonly understood fact about the whole of Texas, but one that may not be considered when purchasing commercial real estate in Dallas. Summers here are long and relentless as the temperature soars over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and won’t dip below 85. This steady burn needs to be accounted for as it can take its toll on commercial air conditioning units. As for the winters, they’re not as harsh but are often unpredictable. Driving and parking become treacherous affairs.

4. Dallas is delightful. 
Dallas is often lumped together with the rest of the Metroplex, and for good reason. Like the surrounding area, Dallas isn’t defined by a single neighborhood or demographic. There’s plenty to like about North Texas, and the area has been receiving praise lately. McKinney was recently named by Money Magazine as the “Best Place to Live,” while western sibling Fort Worth topped the Livability.com 10 Best Downtowns list. These accolades mean more people moving here, which means more opportunity for Dallas-area commercial real estate. In fact…

5. Dallas won’t stop.
The aforementioned facts lead up to one point: Dallas looks to be a strong center of business for a long time to come. Dallas is already huge (see fact no. 2) and developers are still expanding as they eye empty tracts along major highways and roadways and leading into historic downtown areas.

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