365 Workout Plan (Part 1 of 4)

I can’t remember who recommended the book to me, but I am grateful for the recommendation. It was one of the most entertaining and engaging Audible books I have ever read (heard). It made me realize that I was playing it safe in my life. It made me start to think about what I could (should) be doing to push my limits. And ultimately, it was the impetus for me to take massive action.

What was the book? It was “Living with the Seal” by Jesse Itzler. If you have not yet read the book, I HIGHLY recommend it. Do yourself a favor and get the Audible version. Jesse narrates the book personally and he is hilarious!

After reading Living with the Seal I decided to commit to a significant workout regimen for 2019. I called my 2019 program the 365 Workout Challenge. I set up some specific guidelines to follow so I would stay on track.

365 Workout Challenge Guidelines

  • Run an average of 40+ miles per week
  • Exercise using body weight only
  • Minimum number of reps per day, escalating monthly (starting at 400 per day in January and ending at 1,500 per day December)

The reps could consist of any of the following: Push-ups, Pull-ups, Abs, Squats, Lunges, Burpees, Jumping Jacks, or Dips

The first week was actually a little tough. While I felt motivated and excited for the new challenge, I also felt like there were so many other things I needed to get done with the time.

The next few weeks got easier and the soreness from constant working out started wearing off. By February I was starting to really appreciate the daily commitment. I had also put some accountability in place. Each morning I report my workout results to four different people who are holding me accountable to my goals.

I love listening to music when I run. I started mixing things up a bit with my running by doing a set of 20 push-ups every time a new song starts. In late February I ran the Cowtown Half Marathon and did the push-up thing while I was running. By the time I finished the race I had done 600 push-ups!

In March the reps increased to 600 per day. Then I got sick for about two weeks with some kind of coughing/respiratory problem. True to my challenge, I continued the daily reps, although I took two weeks off from running. My eating was also less than ideal during March. Because I was exercising so much, I felt like I could eat whatever I wanted (which is usually chips/salsa and ice cream).

As March came to a close I had racked up some pretty impressive numbers. I had done over 51,000 reps and run over 104 miles. Pretty good start to the year. BUT, my poor eating habits were causing the protective layer of fat to stick on my stomach.

So as we roll into Q2 I am committed to a clean eating plan (Whole30) and for the month of April I am committed to running an average of 3+ miles per day.

I really am loving the DAILY COMMITMENT. It is now becoming woven into the fabric of my life. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it requires that I wake up a little earlier. And Yes, the results are worth it!

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